Today’s Challenges

With so many moving parts in today’s business environment, organizations need experienced senior leaders to monitor day-to-day operations and ensure that the company’s products and services are delivered with the highest level of quality and efficiency. These executives must be capable of taking a narrow view into the types of methods needed to maximize operational and manufacturing performance with specific regard to equipment, safety, sourcing, purchasing, and materials management, but also a broad view into the strategic goals of the organization at large. The ability to merge these two at times conflicting views, as well as develop and implement short and long term plans to meet both objectives is crucial to successfully driving business initiatives.

In addition to monitoring operations to ensure that budget, quality and delivery commitments are met, senior operations and manufacturing executives must also guide, train, and recruit individuals to execute daily tasks and manage teams in plants and facilities in multiple regions.

NGS Global's Expertise

NGS Global consultants have placed senior operations and manufacturing executives in many of the world’s leading companies. What makes our team unique is the quality of their insights and execution, their ability to access the best talent, and the breadth of complementary support they provide to ensure that placements and organizations are successful together.

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