Sports and Entertainment

Today’s Challenges

Sports and entertainment organizations contend with a level of scrutiny not often seen in other industries due to the level of media attention they attract. The fan connectivity brought about by social media and 24-hour news cycles requires a unique skill-set in the executive leadership of sports and entertainment organizations. In addition to meeting shareholder/alumni expectations and providing real business value, leaders in sports and entertainment must demonstrate political and social savvy, promote a customer-centric approach to managing the business/organization, understand the subtle nuances of leading diverse talent, and know what will provide their customers with the most memorable experience–both now and in the future.

NGS Global's Expertise

The most successful leaders in sports and entertainment are those who are exceptional leaders themselves and who embrace new technology, build organizational agility, and orchestrate continued change as a way of staying relevant, up-to-date, and ahead of the competition. Having the right leadership—whether it be at the coach/athletic director level, within the front office, or other corporate management roles--is mission-critical when building an organization that is financially stable and attractive enough to appeal to top talent in the industry. NGS Global understands the unique challenges facing sports and entertainment organizations.

Areas of Focus

  • Professional Leagues
  • Professional Franchises
  • Collegiate and Semipro Sports Organizations
  • New and Traditional Media Outlets.

What makes our team unique is the quality of their insights and execution, their ability to access the best talent, which is particularly critical in emerging fields where talent is often lacking and extensive off-limits can be fatal to a successful search. Our team members each have a breadth of complementary support they bring to ensure that placements/candidates and organizations are successfully aligned.

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