Our core focus is to exceed the expectations of our clients. We have a deep and unwavering commitment to deliver exceptionally high-quality outcomes and projects. Below is a sample of what various organizations around the world have to say about our work.

Denis Fuelling, Chief People and Marketing Officer, Police Bank:

Marianne Broadbent and her entire NGS Global team were fantastic throughout our search for a CIO. 

The diligence and rigour throughout the process was first-rate. The whole project was run extremely efficiently, the communication was excellent, and perhaps most importantly, we received very good candidates. 

The pace and quality of the project was perfect for our search, and despite the tough candidate market we were operating in, we ended up with an exceptional successful hire. Myself and the CEO could not be happier with the outcome."

Marty Neese, CEO, Verdagy:

David Nosal and the NGS Global team executed flawlessly for Verdagy. As a Khosla Ventures backed early stage growth company, we needed to move with speed, clarity and have no wasted efforts.

NGS Global dug in deeply to understand our needs - matched our pace - and delivered. We added a key commercial leader who delivered immediate results - our end-to-end ROI has been measured in weeks!"

Dr. Amitabh Saran, CEO, Altigreen Propulsion Labs:

“On a scale of 0 of 10, I would rate NGS Global at least 11.5. Their approach, professionalism and results have been beyond exceptional. They deliver magical results!

I was able to develop a high level of confidence in Soumitra and his team’s capabilities after the first few conversations. Since we had not used NGS Global previously, I was amazed to see their enthusiasm in working with a small company, and devote time to understanding the current and long term prospects of the electric vehicle industry in India. 

When we started interviewing candidates they had suggested, we realized how genuine the candidates were, and the unwavering belief in our proposition and vision. 

I have already recommended them to two other companies. I seriously cannot fault them for their service, professionalism and results.”

Anirban Banerjee, CHRO, Avendus:

“NGS Global performed extremely well on the project. 

This was a new role for our firm; NGS Global helped us in finetuning the specifications for the role, and made sure that the search was a complete success. 

NGS Global’s biggest value-add was in sanity-checking our key selection criteria. We were hiring in a fairly heated market, so we had some brainstorming sessions with NGS Global around the search strategy which were extremely valuable. 

Part of this was NGS Global taking the time to understand what we do in considerable detail. The quality and strength of the candidates were first-rate, and Soumitra Agarwal and his team were extremely proactive.

Overall, I am very happy with the service we received from NGS Global and the overall outcome of the search.”

Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli, Chief Executive Officer, Robosoft Technologies:

“NGS Global was more than just a search firm to us. They were our business partner from start to finish. They ticked all the project parameters for us to engage with them and we trusted them to deliver.

Our faith in their services was rewarded – they were committed to fully understanding every element and nuance of the search, the pace at which they worked was perfect, their conduct was highly professional, and their insights and recommendations were very valuable. As a result, we landed an incredible hire.”

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Jeff Loebbaka, Chief Commercial Officer, AMP Robotics:

"The entire NGS Global team were extremely professional and very communicative. Steve Lavelle led our search, and his expertise allowed us to quickly source and hire a great talent. The whole process was smooth, efficient and successful.

I thoroughly recommend NGS Global to any companies looking to undertake a search for executive talent."

Ajay Kela, President and CEO, Wadhwani Foundation:

"NGS Global has worked with Wadhwani Foundation on several key executive searches. Their performance has been excellent throughout. Their patience in the searches conducted, the relentless drive to find the right candidate, and their client-centric approach was uniquely valuable."

Wolfgang Trier, Softing:

“I highly recommend NGS Global. Dr. Udo Maier and his team were fantastic to work with from start to finish. They supported us in the search for a CEO, and the entire process was a smooth, fast and well-coordinated process. Perhaps most advantageously, their knowledge of the market and the talent landscape supported us in the acquisition of an exceptional candidate for the role. 

They completed the search project to a very high standard, and we are very impressed.”

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, TeamViewer:

“NGS Global were excellent, I can’t really fault their process to be honest. The quality of the candidates, the pace at which the searches were conducted, and the care that Lee Brantingham and Julian Buckeridge put into finding suitable talent were all first rate. 

They were not interested in recommending the most expensive candidates, but the most suitable individuals for the roles (Head of Asia and Head of Marketing APAC). The best possible outcome for TeamViewer was front and center of their approach.  

As a result, a deep bond of trust and dependability was generated. We built up an extremely positive relationship that can only be developed over a period of time working on a complex project such as this.  

I look forward to using NGS Global again in a professional capacity, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

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Ramakrishna Vyamajala, CHRO, Home First:

"NGS Global provided the most value by attracting an exceptional candidate who was not looking to move. He was completely passive, happy where he was, and already achieving a lot at a much bigger firm. 

But he trusted NGS Global, and by definition that means he trusted us. He had confidence in the opportunity and felt Home First was an opening too good to refuse. 

Additional factors that were paramount to the success of the project was NGS Global’s knowledge of the hiring industry, and even more importantly for us, their outstanding grasp of the tech sector.”

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