Executive Leadership Capability and Team Development Program | Major Government Agency


NGS Global’s robust and trusted assessment methodology delivered a comprehensive capability framework for more than 40 tier one and two executives.


Our client was a major government service delivery agency, responsible for the provision of critical services to the community, in cities and towns throughout their jurisdiction. The organization is one of the world’s largest of its kind globally.

The Need

A significant number of impending retirements amongst senior leaders were taking place in the near-to-medium term. Our client had a desire to know the broad organizational and individual talent profiles to inform their decision making regarding the next round of expected promotions and advancements. In short, the client was keen to identify any skill or capability gaps amongst the cohort who were likely to step up.  

Taking into account the forward-thinking element of the organization’s succession/progression plan, the scope of this executive capability and assessment program needed to cover not only the eight most senior executives in the organization, but the next 33 most senior leaders/executives across the broader leadership group.

Strategy and Approach

NGS Global partnered with Arbiter Leadership Technologies to design and deliver a program that was delivered in three key stages: 

• Part One: utilizing our collective capability assessment expertise and methodology, a capability framework customized to the client’s specific requirements was co-designed with their executive leadership team.

• Part Two: individual capability assessments were undertaken, and included each participant:

 - completing a self-assessment

 - completing a range of psychometric instruments

 - having an interview with two NGS Global Managing Partners

 - receiving three verbal references (one each from a manager, a peer and a direct report)

 - receiving an emotional maturity psychometric rating from 8-12 others (a mix of their managers, peers and direct reports) that is then benchmarked against their own self-rating. 

• Part Three: All participants were provided with individual feedback of all these outputs, including a Personal Development Plan. Outputs were also collated into group feedback which captured broader themes and patterns of the client’s future leadership profile, strengths and weaknesses. 

Project Result

The program provided a comprehensive and balanced range of outputs that enabled both the individual and the organization to make more informed and evidence-based decisions regarding professional and personal developments, particularly in relation to future appointments at the organization’s senior executive leadership roles, as well as some structural changes at the executive level. 

This initial program has led to further engagements in assessing applicants at additional levels of the organization, as well as the development of support and progression frameworks for secondments and formal training options, to enable the upward movement of individual employees within the agency, including cross-promotion to other functional areas.   

Our NGS Global Value-Add

• Engaging, transparent and professional methodology that put the client’s needs at the center of the process 

• Along with a detailed report, project outcomes were delivered via a range of group settings for maximum impact and to ensure consistent comprehension 

• Partner-led process led by a range of senior executives who each have at least several decades of experience in delivering business improvement insights and leadership consulting projects for stakeholders

• Uniquely detailed working knowledge of public sector agencies and the broader leadership/political paradigm within which they operate   

• In partnership with Arbiter Leadership Technologies, we provided best in class leadership advisory approaches and tools that underpin our customized and focused contemporary leadership acuity services.


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