Board and CEO Services

Today’s Challenges

Job requirements for the top organizational spots have never been more demanding. Today’s corporate leaders must repeatedly outperform shareholder expectations and build value in a business climate characterized by constant change and heightened scrutiny with respect to corporate governance matters. At the same time, the level of complexity and risk associated with placing executive talent is reaching extraordinary proportions. Governance concerns have spawned new hiring criteria, as well as a need for objectivity in recruiting processes that once relied on personal relationships for candidate sourcing. Unprecedented liability issues and burdensome time commitments have made it harder to attract qualified Board candidates. Meanwhile, the trend towards flatter organizations has trimmed down the middle management layer that traditionally helped groom high-potential talent for the most senior positions. In short, qualified candidates are fewer in number, not to mention increasingly difficult to recruit.

NGS Global's Expertise

NGS Global is uniquely-positioned to navigate today’s problematic recruiting landscape and deliver the best Board and CEO talent available. Most traditional search firms separate Board and CEO work into discrete practices that are incapable of leveraging each other’s resources and expertise. NGS Global appreciates the strategic and tactical synergies between the CEO and Board specialties, which we have purposefully linked to deliver the greatest value to clients. Composed of some of the industry’s most-respected executive leadership consultants, our team maintains relationships with Board members of major multinationals, as well as small- to mid-cap companies. Unrestricted by the extensive off-limits agreements that constrain bulge-bracket competitors, NGS Global makes full use of this network to identify the most promising Board and CEO candidates for each assignment.

Our team makes available to clients:

  • Strong relationships with the most highly-networked boardrooms around the globe
  • Expert insights into candidates, organizations, and governance from leading Board and CEO search professionals
  • Fully-integrated executive development services to ensure that placements and organizations are successful together
  • Access to the best candidates
  • Quality, high-touch service and collaborative, global approach not possible through the siloed execution of bulge-bracket firms.

Extensive resources, fully-leveraged search capabilities, and customized placement support combine to deliver the most powerful and comprehensive Board and CEO executive leadership solution™ in the industry.

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