Research and Development

Today’s Challenges

Research and development (R&D) activity is an investment in future knowledge and technologies that can ultimately be leveraged to create profit-yielding products or services. As with any investment, the R&D function faces a great deal of risk in that companies, governments, and academic institutions can devote large sums of time and money to product development, research, process improvement and innovation, only to fall short of expectations or deadlines. Moreover, R&D initiatives tend to mirror cyclical economic conditions, with activity decreasing during periods of recession and slow growth and ramping up as economies and businesses rebuild and increase performance levels. With hard costs, long timelines from conceptualization to market, and the potential for significant payoffs, R&D departments are often targeted first for restructuring in the face of economic hardship and expansion during periods of growth.

In this dynamic environment, the R&D executive must be comfortable with ambiguity without sacrificing clarity of vision. They need to be risk-tolerant yet cost-conscious, and globally minded as well as innovation focused.

NGS Global's Expertise

NGS Global’s team of consultants have deep experience in identifying, recruiting, and developing world-class research and development executives who can meet the broader strategic and operational requirements of the role. We also provide the executive development support often needed to ensure that technically-competent candidates can meet the increasingly broad strategic leadership requirements of senior R&D roles. 

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