Infrastructure and Sustainability

Population growth has put strain on not only existing municipal infrastructures, but also the environment. Demand for sustainable infrastructure is higher than ever before. Today, conversations around infrastructure reach far beyond traditional touch points, such as transportation, energy and waste management, and delve into primary concerns around environmental quality and human health. The desire for sustainability poses a number of challenges for traditional infrastructure and emerging sustainability organizations alike, not the least of which is executing projects under tight economic constraints and challenging government regulations.

To lead in this environment, executives need technical knowledge to sustain manufacturing excellence, as well as broad business acumen to address the strategic issues that shape competitive advantage over time. They also need global experience to work with a complex network of foreign suppliers, partners, and customers.

NGS Global consultants have deep experience in delivering, developing, and retaining executive talent for the infrastructure, energy, and sustainability sectors. Specific areas of focus include:


  • Oil and Gas (Downstream, Midstream, Upstream)
  • Public Utilities
  • Renewables (Biofuels, Geothermal, Nuclear, Solar, Wind)


  • Communication Networks
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction
  • Transportation (Bridges, Ports, Rails, Roads


  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Energy Efficient Products and Services
  • Waste Remediation
  • Water Management

What makes our team unique is the quality of their insights and execution, their ability to access the best talent, and the breadth of complementary support they provide to ensure that new executives and their organizations are successful together. Learn more about our multi-disciplinary executive development services.


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