Private Equity

In recent years, private equity deal volume has surged, drawing some major brand names into the investment crosshairs. But the boom’s scope and subject matter belies the complex nature of private equity investments, especially from an executive talent perspective. Identification of a private equity target’s senior leadership team is often a critical element in an investor’s decision to do a deal. With stakes this high, the private equity team and executive search consultants must work together as true partners to recruit in the right leadership at the right time, and to ensure that the placement delivers immediate stakeholder value.

NGS Global has one of the most compelling value propositions in the industry for private equity professionals. Our Private Equity Practice consultants have deep industry-specific expertise, unparalleled candidate access, as well as the credibility to engage with and attract the most senior leaders in conjunction with private equity opportunities. Areas of specialization include:

  • Buyouts and Recapitalizations
  • Growth Capital

We also have a practice area specializing in the specific requirements of emerging growth companies.

In addition, NGS Global provides a comprehensive offering of complementary executive development services to address the specific requirements of private equity-backed placements and hiring organizations, as well as to ensure sustainable results.