August 2022

NGS Global Aligns Itself with Core Leadership Opportunity: Carbon Neutrality


Privileged with providing advice and support to some of the world’s best organizations, NGS Global’s priority is to align itself with the core leadership challenges faced by firms in a rapidly changing world. The pursuit of our own global company-wide carbon neutrality demonstrates our commitment to the health of the planet, but is also in keeping with our alignment of other fundamental challenges and opportunities that our valued clients face.

As an executive search and leadership advisory firm, NGS Global has always maintained ongoing alignment and understanding of the broader change management issues and agendas that both challenge and empower organizations for the next generation of growth. 

Mitigating the effects of climate change by building towards a post-carbon society is a key challenge and opportunity for organizations globally. NGS Global is committed to this important planetary challenge by pursuing company-wide carbon neutrality as a priority. Within this context, since the start of the year, more than 80% of NGS Global’s worldwide operations have become certified as carbon neutral. 

In recent weeks, NGS Global’s operations in Australia, Canada, Latin America, the UAE, South Africa and Spain have all been certified as 100% carbon neutral, joining teams in China, the US, the UK, Germany, France, Austria and Singapore in their carbon neutral status. 

Throughout the last eight months, NGS Global’s limited liability companies (LLCs) have worked with a climate advisory firm to assess their carbon footprint, work to reduce it, and 100% offset the balance by investing in a range of carbon reduction and environmental protection schemes. As a collective group of LLCs, it made more operational sense for NGS Global to pursue this ambition on a per LLC basis. 


Worldwide, highlights of our various offsetting investments include: 

• NGS Global China and Singapore have invested in a project that reduces greenhouse gases by supplying people in regional China with improved cooking/heating stoves

• NGS Global Germany and Austria invested in a 14 turbine Turkish wind farm project, which will generate up to 134 megawatt-hours per year

• NGS Global South Africa has invested in a range of rural biogas projects in Kenya, Tanzania and Cambodia 

• NGS Global UK is supporting the construction and operation of solar power plants in India, as well as the development of wind farms in both India and Uruguay

• NGS Global Australia’s offset purchase directly enables a range of reforestation projects, a First Nations enterprise that focuses on the establishment and protection of Australian native biodiverse forests.

NGS Global is a market leader in both navigating and providing seasoned advice and hiring strategies for leaders with regards to a whole range of fundamental market forces, including: 

- Hiring, succession planning and talent management 

- Diversity and inclusion policies, goals and expectations

- Digital transformation and process enhancement

- Workplace culture and workforce engagement

- Risk management factors: inflation, the pandemic, geopolitical tensions, etc.

“As an executive search and leadership advisory partner, NGS Global is an integral source of both strategic influence and resilience to our client base,” explained Karla Dorsch, Managing Partner for NGS Global’s operations in the UAE, which also recently became carbon neutral. 

“The importance of organizational carbon neutrality and net zero are going to increase in importance in coming years, for a whole range of risk-mitigation factors - operationally, commercially, and of course environmentally. The journey we are undertaking better enables us to inform our valued clients of the process, the challenges and the opportunities for success,” Ms. Dorsch said. 

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