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NGS Global Senior and Managing Partners

December 2021

Lee Brantingham, Managing Partner, Singapore and Hong Kong
Julian Buckeridge, Managing Partner, Shanghai, China

November 2021

David Spencer, Managing Partner, Melbourne, Australia

September 2021

Jonathan Nosal, Partner, San Francisco and Newport Beach, USA
Lee Brantingham, Managing Partner, Hong Kong, China

September 2021

Bob Bellano, Senior Partner, Los Angeles and Newport Beach, USA
Fariman Felisa, Managing Partner, Paris, France
Donald Parker, Senior Partner, San Diego and Newport Beach, USA

August 2021

Soumitra Agarwal, Managing Partner, Mumbai, India

July 2021

Richard Crux, Managing Partner, Düsseldorf, Germany
Paula Elmore, Managing Partner, San Francisco, USA
Lee Brantingham, Managing Partner, Hong Kong, China

June 2021

Can Önen, Managing Partner, Istanbul, Turkey

May 2021

Karla Dorsch, Managing Partner, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

April 2021

Steve Lavelle, Managing Partner, London, UK

March 2021

Julian Buckeridge, Managing Partner, Shanghai, China

February 2021

Fernando Zavala, Partner, Barcelona, Spain

February 2021

Marianne Broadbent, Managing Partner, Melbourne, Australia

January 2021

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by David Nosal, Managing Partner (November 2013)

by Lee Brantingham, Managing Partner, and David Nosal, Managing Partner (April 2013)

by Robert (Bob) Kobayashi, Managing Partner, and David Nosal, Managing Partner (September 2012)