Chief Revenue Officer | Multimillion American Parts Manufacturer



Our client was a $300M industrial manufacturer that created custom parts with quick turnaround for prototype and short-run production. The company created machined metal and injection-molded plastic parts and shipped them the next business day. Its medical device, electronics, consumer products, appliance, and automotive manufacturing customers used the parts for prototyping, market evaluation, and functional testing.

The Need

Revenue for our client was derived from the manufacture and product sale to developers and engineers of quick-turn, low volume of custom parts for prototyping, support of internal manufacturing, and limited quantity product release. Products and product lines were sold primarily through their website, so success of the business to grow revenue depended on their ability to attract new and repeat customers. Additionally, competitive pricing was required to be maintained, and must consistently provide clients quality custom parts within the required timeframe. To that end, our client needed a Chief Revenue Officer to lead the way to grow the revenue streams exponentially.


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