Chief Operations Officer | Digital Media Start-Up



Our client was a digital media start-up organization funded by private equity and located in Australia. It had recently grown from eight to approximately 100 employees from the acquisition or a larger competitor. The business created digital screens with targeted content to over 3000 sites, reaching approximately 6.25 million people monthly. The content was tailored to specific audiences derived from detailed demographics.

The Need

With the appointment of an energetic and sales-focused Chief Executive Officer (CEO), as well as the investment of significant capital from several private equity groups, the business had a clear need for a competent Chief Operating Officer (COO).  The organization was growing faster than the company’s ability to deliver screens with appropriate content to new customers. There was also a need to build and broaden the capabilities of a small and very busy executive team. The COO would be tasked with building and implementing processes to assist with the speed of growth.


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