Global Chief Financial Officer | Rapidly growing Insurtech company


Tasked with sourcing a CFO for a fast-paced and evolving global microinsurance firm, NGS Global was able to secure the perfect candidate to support their vision and rapid growth objectives.


Our client was a leading digital insurance company – an insurtech – that was leading the curve in the microinsurance business globally. Founded by veterans in the insurance and technology sectors, they built white labelled microinsurance products which were then distributed in a B2B2C model to under-insured markets globally, via telecom companies, banks, sharing economy platforms, and gig working platforms.

Operating in a market that was estimated to be sized at US$100 billion, they had insured over 60 million people in 12 countries and were growing rapidly. They firmly believed that recovering from adversity should not be a privilege for only the wealthy and the few, and every country they operated in required different solutions that were unique to that region. 

The Need

In order to support their rapid growth across multiple emerging markets globally, they were seeking to hire an accomplished and business aligned Chief Financial Officer, who would not only streamline finance processes and effectiveness, but also ready the company for a potential listing on US markets within five years.

The role would support the group’s investment decisions and finance projects, establish and manage relationships with bankers/investors, and strengthen internal controls. The successful candidate would also participate in the preparation of interim and annual reports, oversee process improvement and automation initiatives in order to enhance the customer experience while ensuring compliance with appropriate regulations in each geography they operated in, oversee tax matters, manage short- and long-term cash flows, and lead future capital raises.  

Strategy and Approach

We were looking for a unique combination of experience, background, and location, and were particularly interested in individuals who had extensive know-how of global financial standards and some prior exposure to US capital markets. Additionally, our client was specifically keen that the role be based in India as they felt that an Indian exec, with global experience, would be best suited to their needs. Such senior talent that fit these characteristics was not easily available in India.  

We followed a structured process to first identify Indian companies that had raised money on public markets in the US, and then companies who may not have raised money on public markets, but had raised private equity from global investors. The candidate had to be someone who could align to a fast paced and evolving global business, and had hands-on experience on multi-jurisdictional financial, legal and regulatory matters.

After an exhaustive research process, we built a comprehensive long list of potential candidates which we then narrowed down to a shortlist of six individuals who we presented to the client. After interviews by all client-side stakeholders, two candidates were identified as the finalists and one of them was successfully offered the position.

Our NGS Global Value-Add

• Partner-led search execution that helped identify and excite potential candidates with the opportunity. Our client was unknown in India, so we had to credibly and persuasively represent our client in order to get candidates to consider the opportunity.

• Close engagement and relationship building with the shortlisted candidates to make sure they stayed excited with the opportunity until the end of the process.

• Providing the client with strategic inputs on the search strategy based on our market knowledge.


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