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Wanting to assess our performance on two recent searches that we conducted for the global software company TeamViewer, we chatted with the HR Senior VP on the background, methodology and outcome.

What were you trying to achieve?

In Asia Pacific, our country leaders in Japan, China, Australia, etc. were all independently reporting to our global CEO (who is based in Germany). We felt it was time to bring on an experienced APAC leader who knows the region well and would be able to drive the growth strategy. 

We therefore knew we needed two centralized regional function heads – a Head of Asia and a Head of Marketing APAC. We wanted to ensure we did our market research before making any appointment and therefore looked for expert advice from an agency who was able to provide this information.

What were the first steps?

Because of these regional knowledge gaps, we were attracted to NGS Global because they were much more than a headhunting firm. They were able to provide sound market intelligence and research-backed insights that answered our fundamental questions. 

Managing Partners Lee Brantingham and Julian Buckeridge from NGS Global undertook a detailed market scan of where the Heads of Asia of a wide range of software companies sat, what their market compensation levels were, and the operational and strategic advantages for choosing each location.

The CEO and I then worked closely with NGS Global to pick some of the potential targets that they would reach out to. 

Overall, how do you rate the performance of NGS Global with regards to these searches?

Excellent, I can’t really fault their process to be honest. The quality of the candidates, the pace at which the search was conducted, and the care that Lee and Julian put into finding suitable talent were all first rate. 

What were the main strengths of their approach?

They were very communicative and contactable throughout the process. They were also not interested in recommending the most expensive candidates to us, but the most suitable individuals for the role. The best possible outcome for TeamViewer was front and center of their approach.  

As a result, a deep bond of trust and dependability was generated. We built up an extremely positive relationship that can only be developed over a period of time working on a complex project such as this.  

What was the final outcome?

We interviewed four exceptional candidates for the Head of Asia role, and we are thrilled to have secured our preferred candidate, who is already providing significant value. 

After interviewing 5 candidates for the Head of Marketing APAC role, we secured a leader that had already worked with our newly appointed Head of Asia (but had come up completely separately in NGS Global’s research – another testament to their rigorous methodology). 

Would you recommend NGS Global to other organizations for this type of work, and why?

Absolutely. I look forward to using NGS Global again in a professional capacity. 

The scientific rigor of their research, the communication with the candidates, the openness and clarity of their updates, the tempo of the search, and the quality and the substantiveness of NGS Global’s recommendations exceeded our expectations. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


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