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After a forensic examination of the client need and the latest training and development practices, NGS Global secured the services of an exceptional learning design and delivery executive.


Our client was a rapid growth, well-funded provider of an enterprise contract management platform on the cloud, helping companies increase contract velocity, protect against risk by ensuring regulatory and policy compliance, and optimize their commercial relationships by maximizing revenue and reducing costs. An analyst-validated industry leading solution, it was used by the largest of global corporations across 90+ countries to manage over 7.5 million contracts in 40+ languages, governing over US$1 trillion value.

The Need

Our client’s business was growing at over 70% every year and finding talent that had expertise on Contract Lifecycle Management was becoming an inhibitor to business growth. Pre-COVID, they would train all new hires in a physical classroom environment for a week. But during the pandemic, it was a necessity to shift to a virtual training format. Moreover, as the business grew and they onboarded large global system integrators as partners, it was becoming difficult to train so many people simultaneously. 

Our client revamped their training programs and now wanted the learning modules to be self-paced and bite-sized, which would be delivered digitally and consumed as and when the participant had time beyond their billable hours. Going forward, they also wanted to build an academy for Contract Lifecycle Management, through which graduates would become certified. These individuals could leverage their certification to find new employment opportunities, as contract management was becoming a key pain area for large to mid-sized corporations globally.

In order to accelerate this initiative, our client was seeking to hire the services of a pedagogic leader who had expertise in building digital learning platforms that provided training programs in bite-sized modules with gamification and simulations. The candidate had to be hands-on at developing content and partnering with vendors to create scalable learning programs with individualized dashboards for participants to track their learning progress.

Strategy and Approach

The search was particularly challenging as our client was looking for an executive who not only brought robust hands-on experience in developing digital learning content but also understood the software products space. We ran our market research from first principles, breaking out the organizational structure of over 200 global and Indian SaaS providers, to locate those teams that had built learning platforms for their own and partner audiences. This helped us build a comprehensive long list of potential candidates, which we interviewed to assess their knowledge and exposure to the latest tools and technologies in learning management systems. 

In order to qualify candidates sensibly, our own team was required to study the domain of digital learning and be familiar with the latest developments in that space. After interviewing several candidates, we shortlisted six exceptional individuals, and after extensive interviewing by the client, one candidate was offered the position. However, this individual opted out of the selection process at the last minute, but with our approach to having at least 2-3 finalist candidates, we were quickly able to come up with an alternative candidate who came onboard within a month of being offered the position.

Our NGS Global Value-Add

• Structured research based on first principles that enabled us to discover the right candidates. Our willingness to thoroughly study the client need – and research the domain – ensured we got the search strategy right.

• Partner-led search execution that helped attract several passive candidates and a robust shortlisting process that ensured that only the most relevant candidates were presented to the client.

• Close collaboration with the hiring leader to course-correct our search process in an agile manner, which led to closure within three months, from start to onboarding.


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