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We provided a comprehensive Values adoption assessment framework for a large infrastructure investment trust, and actionable strategic steps for their leadership group.


Our client was one of India's largest infrastructure investment trusts in the power transmission sector, who owned, operated and managed power transmission networks and renewable energy assets that delivered reliable power throughout India.

The Need

The client had defined their organization’s Values which were cascaded to all staff. However, since more than half of the leadership and other senior employees came on board during the COVID pandemic, and were working in a remote work environment, the client was keen to assess and capture a robust 360-degree perception around the adoption of these Values by the firm’s top leaders. This was intended to help in assessing how their leaders have imbibed the Values in their day-to-day work life, or are perceived to be ‘living’ the Values.

Strategy and Approach

After understanding the prevailing business environment and the intent for conducting the exercise, we collaboratively built a comprehensive survey that addressed each of the client’s Values, which included both qualitative and quantitative metrics. The survey was administered and participant feedback was captured in complete confidence. This was followed by a rigorous analysis of the feedback provided by participants that was tied in to each of the Values. 

Thereafter, individual feedback sessions were conducted for each of the leaders, along with recommendations on how to strengthen the understanding – and practice – of the Values. The leaders individually picked up the action areas to focus on and built an execution plan around these. In addition, the leadership group were given an aggregated snapshot of the results for their respective functions, so that they could, in turn, encourage people in their team to adopt the Values in their day-to-day work.

Our NGS Global Value-Add

Since the tenure of many employees was less than a year, we structured the research towards ensuring a wide participation rate, to ensure validity and reliability of results. The survey questions were designed to be actionable, ie., the output for each question was linked to an action. Based on our in-depth understanding of the industry, successful workplace cultures, and the latest employee loyalty metrics, the feedback was translated into actionable strategic steps for the leadership group.

Client Feedback

• “Understanding our current organizational context and calibrating your approach to achieve such comprehensive 360-degree feedback was really commendable. 

• Framing questions in an easy-to-understand way to get higher engagement and sharper responses was valuable.

• The insights offered were insightful, contextually relevant and helpful for our improvement journey.”


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