NGS Global in Private Equity Recruiting Power 75 Ranking



May 2019 - NGS Global was recently listed in the Private Equity Recruiting Power 75, a national ranking included in Hunt Scanlon Media's special report, Private Equity Recruiting, The Widening War for Leadership. You may find the inclusive list by clicking here.

Additionally, David Nosal, chairman and managing partner of NGS Global was quoted in a short Q&A on the expanding need for global talent. An excerpt is included below.

HSM: Do you see executive search firms adding significant value to PE firms?

DN: Absolutely, but not in traditional ways. Doing a specific search is always one way to add value, but we have found that private equity firms also appreciate our providing them with senior talent not specific to a search. Bringing great executive talent to private equity firms that they do not already know is almost as valuable to them as conducting a search.

HSM: Describe your firm’s PE recruiting practice.

DN: Private equity has continued to represent a significant piece of our growth around the world. Ten years ago it was about 15 to 20 percent and today it represents 35 to 40 percent of our overall business. For our private equity clients, we typically conduct searches for the CEO, CFO or chief commercial officer for portfolio companies that may range in size from $50M to $100M on up to $7B to $10B.

HSM: What’s happening around the global vis-à-vis talent acquisition for PE firms?

DN: Within the private equity community, many portfolio companies are acquiring significant pieces of business outside of the U.S. These organizations now have distributed teams of almost equal size in other regions of the world. With our ever-expanding global footprint, we are now frequently asked to identify candidates who could be based in multiple locations. The same is true for corporate clients who really want to dip into all three major regions of the world for talent at the senior level.