Leadership Advisory Consulting

Our practice group in Australia offers leadership advisory consulting services with their best-in-class Arbiter Leadership TechnologiesTM solutions.

Utilizing Arbiter Leadership Technologies methodologies as a foundation, NGS Global helps clients proactively identify and anticipate executive and partnership leadership requirements at each stage of an organization’s life cycle.

By working in partnership with our clients, we develop and implement strategies for assessing and identifying the right executive talent–either through the cultivation of leaders from within or assessing executives recruited from outside of the organization.

After in-depth discussions with our clients, during which we gain a thorough understanding of institutional challenges and culture, NGS Global’s team will customize our leadership advisory services to meet the individualized needs of each organization. Those services include:

  • Building Executive and Team Capability
    Making your leadership team the best it can be

  • Executive Leadership Selection and Succession Planning
    Accelerating the development of high potential leaders

  • Integrating New Leaders or Partners
    Jump-starting the path to success of newly placed executives

  • Strategic Advice
    High-level advice and leadership consultancy services to Boards and executive leadership teams on organization, design, and governance enablement

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