The Changing Face of Asia: What Companies Need to Know Before Expanding into Emerging Asian Economies

by Julian Buckeridge - Managing Partner, Greater China, Paula Elmore, Managing Partner - Americas, Roman Müller-Albrecht - Managing Partner, Europe (September 2014)

Once regarded as a beacon of opportunity for consumer organizations, China is now losing many of the competitive advantages it offered as costs rise and foreign direct investment wanes. As a result, many multinational corporations (MNCs) have their sights set on neighboring countries. We recently spoke with key executives at some of today’s leading global brands to better understand how consumer organizations are structuring their teams and operations as they expand into emerging Asian economies. We found that while a few key markets have absorbed a significant amount of the business fallout from China, there is not a single region that provides a one-size-fits-all solution to uniformly address the needs of every corporation. It is crucial for organizations expanding into more cost-effective markets to identify the unique set of challenges and advantages associated with each region to find the opportunity that most closely complements their strategic goals.

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