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NGS Global’s operations throughout Greater China and Singapore have moved way beyond pledging a future commitment to become carbon neutral. They are the first executive search and leadership advisory firm in both countries to be fully certified as Net Zero.

NGS Global has become the first executive search and leadership advisory firm in China and Singapore to achieve Net Zero status, with the company’s operations throughout the two countries now officially recognized as carbon neutral. They join NGS Global’s US, UK, Germany, France, and Austria teams who also recently became Net Zero.

NGS Global China and Singapore worked with climate action and sustainability company Gold Standard as well as Orbis Advisory to get official approval of Net Zero status. The team have invested in a project run by Impact Carbon that reduces greenhouse gases by building and supplying people in regional China vastly improved cooking and heating stoves. These are specially designed to use excess agricultural residues (a 100% renewable fuel source), renewable wood, and improve the efficiency of coal consumption.   

Along with the direct financial investment in the offset scheme, a comprehensive review and optimization of NGS Global’s Greater China and Singapore operational procedures was undertaken, which involved an assessment and recalibration of the firm’s key service providers, and the establishment of an ongoing evaluative mechanism to continually limit emissions.  

Lee Brantingham, Managing Partner for NGS Global’s operations in Hong Kong, explained that this is an incredibly important milestone for the company. “NGS Global now has Net Zero offices in all three regions in which it operates – APAC, EMEA and the Americas. We are pleased to be at the forefront of thinking and progress in tackling this important issue.”  

In total, the combined Net Zero status of NGS Global’s offices in China, Singapore, Germany, Austria, France, the US and the UK means that more than half of the organization’s global operational emissions (53%) are now certified as Net Zero, with additional countries to follow.  

As a collective group of limited liability companies (LLC’s), it made more operational sense for NGS Global to pursue this ambition on a per LLC basis. 

“What is particularly rewarding about the emissions offset scheme that we are investing in is that it is a huge boost to the health of not just the environment but also the health of rural people in China,” explained Julian Buckeridge, Managing Partner of NGS Global’s Shanghai and Singapore offices. “Users of the 128,000 stoves so far supplied have reported far fewer symptoms indicative of exposure to indoor air pollution, including coughing and eye irritation, when compared to traditional, non-environmentally friendly stoves.” 

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