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NGS Global is the first executive search and leadership advisory firm in the world to achieve 100% carbon neutrality. As part of their commitment to a sustainable future for both people and the planet’s biodiversity, the firm has actively invested in a range of environmental and social initiatives worldwide.

Executive search and leadership advisory firm NGS Global’s entire worldwide operations are now fully certified as 100% carbon neutral; the first professional services firm of its kind globally to achieve the landmark accreditation. 

As part of the scheme, NGS Global has invested in a wide range of environmental initiatives, green energy projects and social empowerment projects. Key examples include:

• a greenhouse gas reduction project which supplies people in regional China with improved cooking/heating stoves

• investment in an Amazon preservation project in Peru, enabling the protection of 300,000 hectares of rainforest

• a 14 turbine Turkish wind farm project, which will generate up to 134 megawatt-hours per year

• a range of rural biogas projects in Kenya, Tanzania and Cambodia 

• the construction and operation of solar power plants in India

• the development of wind farms in both India and Uruguay

• a range of Australian reforestation projects; a First Nations enterprise that focuses on the establishment and protection of native biodiverse forests.

Privileged with providing advice and support to some of the world’s best organizations, NGS Global’s priority was to align itself with the core leadership challenges faced by firms in a rapidly changing world. Achieving their own global company-wide carbon neutrality demonstrates their commitment to the health of the planet, but is also in keeping with their alignment of other fundamental challenges and opportunities that their valued clients face.

Across the firm’s 37 offices, NGS Global worked with a number of high-end sustainability consultancies around the world to determine the complete emissions output of the business, and then adopted concrete and targeted emissions reduction and offset plans. From start to finish the whole process took nine months.

“Very quickly, NGS Global’s worldwide group of Managing Partners established a collective vision of our carbon neutral ambitions,” explained Steve Lavelle, Managing Partner for NGS Global’s UK operations, and the principal architect of the initiative. 

“However, our work in this space is far from complete. We will continue to drive efficiencies in our operations, and relentlessly pursue a greener and more sustainable way of doing business, whilst maintaining our very high levels of client service and satisfaction.”

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