Our client was one of the leading residential and construction businesses owning a strong brand in Turkey.

The Need

The client hired our NGS Global team to execute a new search for an Information Technology (IT) Director, who would report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Although one of the top players in their market, our client realized there were other credible competitors and needed to differentiate themselves believing they had to assume the retail and FMGC sectors approach, meaning understand their customers by tracking and gathering data to deliver the highest quality of products and services they wanted. Their main objective for the search was finding someone who could run the IT department (and manage personnel) as well as contributing to the overall technological strategy for the firm. Additionally, they needed an IT Director who could understand the needs and expectations of customers and then find the solutions and development of new products by using modern technologies.

Our team suggested they hire a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) instead of strictly an IT Director. Many Turkish firms are trending towards this solution, meaning the upgrade of the IT Director role to a CDO. This solution would reduce the need for an extra budget to be set for a separate CDO, and instead finding an IT Director with a business and customer-driven view to take on the role of CDO.


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