Home First, a financial services company that provides convenient and affordable home loans to clients throughout India, have recently super-charged their operational expertise and capability with the appointment of a new Head of Operations and Technology.

Properly Aligning Search with Business Strategy Provided Firm with Exceptional Hire

The search process for their new executive was particularly interesting for the fact that the position was born out of a restructure at the firm. They initially thought that the ideal candidate would be someone who would sit across both technology and operations, and briefed their executive search firm, NGS Global, in finding candidates within this remit. 

“Once a short-list had been created and interviews progressed, we quickly realized that we were missing something,” explained Ramakrishna Vyamajala, CHRO for Home First. “Because our organization is undergoing a rapid growth phase, we felt that it was far more important to target senior leaders with particular expertise on business improvement and operational optimization expertise rather than technology per se.” 

This meant rebuilding the position description and going back to the drawing board completely from scratch. Whilst taking a complete step back and going back to market with a new job spec was initially frustrating for some within the company, the newly invigorated operational focus on the role quickly yielded positive results. 

“Most search firms hate job spec changes, especially when they occur when the search is at a fairly advanced stage, but NGS Global handled it extremely well,” Mr. Vyamajala said. 

As a result, a new batch of great candidates were delivered to Home First, and from the strength of the conversations that they were having, the company quickly felt that they had made an excellent decision to completely reformat the key selection criteria. 

Several weeks later, the preferred candidate accepted an offer.   

“He is already proving to be an exceptional asset to the team. He has brought in a lot of structure and expertise because he came from a bigger firm than ours,” explained Mr. Vyamajala. Within this context, the value of aligning an organization’s business and hiring strategies cannot be overestimated. 

Home First’s CHRO felt that NGS Global’s ability to connect with the successful candidate was also an essential ingredient in the success of the search. 

“This is where our search firm provided most value, and is particularly essential in a tight talent market. The successful candidate was not looking to move – he was completely passive, happy where he was, and already achieving a lot at a much bigger firm. But he trusted NGS Global, and by definition that means he trusted us. He had confidence in the opportunity and felt Home First was an opening too good to refuse.” 

Much of the pitch was centered around a holistic set of lifestyle elements such as the work environment, the brand, the goals, and the autonomy that working for Home First would provide. 

Mr. Vyamajala added that NGS Global’s knowledge of the hiring industry was excellent, and they also had an outstanding grasp of the tech sector, additional factors that were paramount to the success of the project.


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