We worked with a health tech organization that helps more than 50 million patients annually to find a first-rate operational VP.


Our client was an award-winning healthcare technology company focused on making it easier for patients to access healthcare by delivering better patient scheduling and engagement. On behalf of provider groups and health systems across the US, their technology connects with over 50 million unique patients per year. Their self-scheduling, patient messaging, chat, digital registration and payment solutions drive operational efficiency, increased appointments, reduced no-shows, faster patient payments and improved patient satisfaction, all while supporting better health and care quality initiatives.


Our client had acquired an Indian health tech start-up and were looking to rapidly scale up this unit and transform it into a key growth enabler for their business. To this end, they were keen to bring in a new leader for the India operations, reporting to the global CEO and overseeing the engineering and support teams of the acquired entity as well as hiring several people externally. The key deliverable apart from growth was to deliver operational effectiveness and grow the India unit into a world class offshore product development and service delivery center.


Our client was specific that the candidate bring a demonstrated track record of executing business and operational scale up initiatives coupled with sound leadership and technology skills. Since this was a newly created role, the client stakeholders had a broad view of what the person should look like, but not a very detailed role description. The NGS Global team had multiple rounds of discussions with client-side stakeholders, including the global CEO, on what were the key deliverables of the role and what sort of person they thought would be best suited. This helped us not only frame a detailed role description but also research the market thoroughly, in a structured and strategic manner, in order to identify potential candidates. 

As the client was not known in India, (apart from the local entity they acquired who had some visibility in the market), we had to advocate the organization and the opportunity to potential candidates who were serving site/operations leaders at much larger organizations. After an intense market mapping and cold calling effort, we were able to shortlist five candidates for the role, of whom one was offered the position. 


• The ability to probe and flesh out the key client asks from a candidate profiling standpoint, thus making sure that our search was focused on the client’s needs. 

• Partner-led search execution, meaning that a Partner spoke to potential candidates, as the organization and role had to be advocated appropriately, in order to attract passive candidates. 

• The number of companies who were off-limits was very small, thus enabling us to access a wide talent pool for the search.


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