Executive Leadership Consulting

NGS Global helps clients proactively anticipate executive leadership requirements at each stage of the organization’s life cycle. We develop strategies for acquiring the right executive talent—either through executive search services or the cultivation of leaders from within; for accelerating the integration of newly-placed executives; and for increasing the effectiveness of organizations as a whole with a broad range of leadership consulting services.*


CEO succession planning is arguably the most critical responsibility of boards and CEOs, and yet studies have shown that most CEOs fail within their first two years of tenure, quite often because of a poor assessment of the fit between the placement and the specific challenges facing the organization and its culture. Partnering with board- and C-level executives, we develop real-world CEO selection and executive succession plans that increase an organization’s strategic agility, accelerate the development of high-potential leaders and improve executive retention.


We also help jump-start newly-placed executives on their roads to success by removing the cultural barriers that cause resistance and impede business results. Tenure in the executive suite has shortened dramatically as the rate of change within companies and industries continues to increase and the time frames for measuring results become narrower. Now, more than ever, senior leaders must ramp up immediately as they assume increasingly varied and complex sets of responsibilities. Studies have shown that most executives either succeed or fail within the first 100 days of tenure due to cultural friction, which can hamper new leaders trying to drive performance and change. To help support placements, NGS Global offers executive integration coaching as part of the Executive Leadership Solutions engagement process on qualifying assignments.


The task of aligning the entire company with a broader strategy is no less challenging. To meet business objectives, the leader must effectively communicate a compelling vision to people at every organizational level and foster a culture of collaboration. To sustain results over the long-term, the organization must develop leadership talent and effective teams to execute its strategy. NGS Global helps clients identify and develop executives and other high potential individuals, develop high performance teams, and align teams with new strategies to accelerate the deployment of those strategies as well as long term outcomes.

*In certain cases, NGS Global may call upon specialized third-party resources to assist on specific projects.