Organizational Capability

Making your leadership team the best it can be

Identifying, developing and retaining outstanding individuals from within an organization as well as from outside is a key challenge for most businesses and public sector agencies, as well as organizations operating in not-for-profit environments. Gathering executives into first-class, compatible, highly motivated and successful teams is another.

At NGS Global, we know that there is no universal style of leadership that guarantees efficient management. Our approach to leadership capability and development needs takes into consideration the context in which leadership is applied, the relevant cultures, and the purpose of key roles.

As the world’s small, medium and large companies migrate to emerging economies, and firms in those economies expand their footprints across the globe, the nature of leadership varies with the origin, role and culture of the corporate core.

We help organizations evaluate their leadership and team capabilities, taking into consideration the organizational, strategic, operational, economic, political and environmental contexts in which they operate. These challenges require the experienced facilitation skills that each NGS Global partner is able to apply.

Our approach to individual and team capability assessment, readiness and development needs enables executive talent decisions which are timely, well informed, sustainable, and completely tailored to what is critical to an organization. This is especially important during periods of accelerated change, such as during mergers and acquisitions, CEO and other executive transition, team renewal and in succession planning.